The Gym proudly provides the most sanitary tanning option with a ProSun V3 stand-up tanner.

ProSun is a worldwide leader in tanning equipment, and the V3 is designed to concentrate optimal levels of UVA, in conjunction with very low concentrations of UVB, very effectively stimulating the production of Melanic pigmant required for a rich tan.

Tanning is now $5 per single tan. $40 for ten tans. $60 for 20 tans. $2 non-cash fee applies.

ProSun V3 Stand-up Tanner

Tanning Products Include:

Hempz Tanning: Good Vibes 15x Positively Dark Bronzer, Enriched with 100% Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil and Botanical Extracts $20 / 8.5 fl oz
Hempz Tanning: Hypoallergenic Dark Tan Maximizer, Enriched with Natural Calming Extracts & 100% Pure Natural Hemp Seed Oil $30 / 9 fl oz

Contact us for more information about our tanning beds. We proudly serve customers in Vicksburg, MI, and the surrounding areas.